Tuesday, April 25, 2000

La Pata Pita Pics

Lesson 8 from the La Pata Pita reader/textbook, a corresponding workbook page for the letter t and the instructions from the teacher's guide. 

Close-up of Lesson 8 from the La Pata Pita reader/textbook.

Leccion 8 - Tt

ta te ti to tu

tata Tita tia
Tati Tete tu
mete Tito mota
tio toma teme
Tato Toto Titi

Pata Pita,
ama a tu patito,
mima a tu patito.

Patito Pepe,
tu mama te ama,
tu mama te mima.

Questions from Teacher's Guide

Como se llama la pata?
A quien ama la pata?
Quien esta hablando con la pata? tu? yo? cualquier persona?
Por que yo le digo a la pata que ame a su patito y lo mime?
Que hace tu papa o tu mama cuando tu le dices que sientes temor por algo? Te explica lo que es?

Lessons 31-32 from the La Pata Pita reader/textbook. Exercise 67 from the workbook corresponds with Lesson 31, which is a lesson on con and sin.

Saturday, January 01, 2000


More Owl Books

Check out these other fabulous books for young readers that feature owls. Selections are listed from lowest to highest reading level and have 300 words or less.

Wake-Up Kisses - Pamela Duncan Edwards
Owlet's First Flight - Mitra Modarressi
Whooo's There? - Mary Serfozo
Barn Owls - Patricia Whitehouse
I'm Not Scared - Jonathan Allen
Snowy Owls - Helen Frost
Little Owl's Night - Divya Srinivasan
Good-Night, Owl! - Pat Hutchins
Owly - Mike Thaler
The Owl and the Pussycat - Edward Lear
Owl at Home - Arnold Lobel (Less than 300 words per chapter/story.)
Wow! Said the Owl - Tim Hopgood
The Barn Owls - Tony Johnston
Snow Moon - Nicholas Brunelle

Other Resources of Interest

Owl Brand Discovery Kits - owl pellets
Owls at education.com - coloring sheets, games and more
Woo-whoo! - Perler Beads pattern

* This post is a clickable links supplement to Blue House School - Owls: A Little Learners Lapbook.