I've been bad, very bad. I did a pretty good job scrapbooking the first year of our daughter's life. I didn't do too bad taking pictures that second year. Now, I do good to snap a few during birthdays, Christmases and vacations. I've missed a lot and I'm not happy about it. It's obvious to me that I won't be scrapbooking again anytime soon. This blog is my redemption. I hope, anyway.

While my husband and I talked about homeschooling long before we ever had a child, it wasn't something we seriously considered until the fall of 2011. We were all set to send our daughter off to kindergarten the following fall, so we decided we should probably try to teach her some basic reading, writing and math skills to build confidence and generally get her going in the right direction.

Tessa was four years, four months when we started. We had no idea what to expect. The day she formed her first shaky F, I fell in love. I fell in love with watching our daughter learn and achieve. It didn't take us too many months to figure out that we had a very capable and willing pupil on our hands. We slowly added additional subjects. By January, Tessa had completed most of her kindergarten-level curriculum. That presented a problem. How could we possibly ask our still very wiggly soon-to-be five-year-old to sit through kindergarten all over again in public school? By the summer's end, she would be well into first-grade-level curriculum. The decision was complex, yet so simple. No matter how many different ways we figured it, we always came up with the same answer...just keep homeschooling her.

We loosely follow the classical method of homeschooling. Beyond that, we strive for Tessa's studies to structured, tailored, rigorous and fun.

"Our House" digital scrapbook kit by Angel Hartline Designs by Angeltown was used to create the masthead for Blue House School blog.

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