Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Earth Science: Weather, Unit 7

Weather Forecasting

This was our last week studying weather. I don't know about you, but I am overjoyed to be moving on! Weather is not my favorite thing. Tessa, on the other hand, is sad to see it go. Of course she is, right? Next up...space.

(Somehow, I managed not to take any pics this week.)


If I would have known how much Tessa was going to like tracking and recording the weather, I would have invested in some real weather instruments. I wish I would have anyway because I'm not sure any of our homemade gadgets really worked all that great. The anemometer was a complete flop. Seriously, don't make these...find something better.

I was going to have Tessa complete "Winter Skit: Weather News for the U. S." that I found at TeacherFileBox.com, but our day ran really long. I ended up skipping it.

Following Tuesday
  • Finished The Mailbox Investigating Weather, Grades 1-3 "Weather Forecasting: Meteorologist Mixer" data recording worksheet (page 42).
  • Completed The Mailbox Investigating Weather, Grades 1-3 "Weather Forecasting: Mapping It" worksheet (page 45).
I just never know what Tessa is going to enjoy. The things I think might bore her to tears turn out to be her favorite things. She was all about looking up weather data in the newspaper and then mapping it and the weather data we collected on national and local maps. Who knew?

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