Monday, August 18, 2014

Second Grade 2014 - Age 7

Five weeks off and we're back again! How crazy is it that this is our fourth year homeschooling? Some days it seems like yesterday that we unwittingly started this adventure. Other times, it seems every bit that long. You may remember we didn't set out to homeschool. Our original plan was to help Tessa develop some basic reading and math skills at home that would give her a leg up her first year at public school. As is often the case in life, we ended up on a much different path than the one we began. Thank goodness that path led us right back to our front door. I don't often proclaim this or that to be a blessing, but homeschooling has been just that for our family.

Taking Tessa's first day back pic always precipitates a deluge of memories. This year, though, I was simply awestruck by how much more mature she looks than in last year's photo. As I mentioned in a previous post, seven seems like a magical age for Tessa. I know it's not just her body that has grown leaps and bounds this past year but her brain too. I expect great things from Tessa this year and can't wait witness every one of them.

Tessa's first day of second grade!

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