Monday, August 19, 2013

First Grade 2013 - Age 6

After a very nice and much needed three-week break, we officially kicked off Tessa's first grade year today. My goal is to keep school as light as possible and to make it a wee bit more fun this year. Not that last year wasn't fun. It's just that Tessa is still so young that I want to do more just for the fun of it. To accomplish this, we will swap out science, Spanish and a few pieces of our language arts program with arts, crafts, games and other fun electives one week a month. We are adding quite a bit to Tessa's studies in the way of language arts, so I'm going to have to stay focused and keep a tight schedule.

Tessa's first day of First Grade!
Tessa's first day of first grade!

Tessa is working at a slightly accelerated level and will be studying the following subjects this year. For a more detailed listing, visit Our Curriculum.

Language Arts
Earth Science
Medieval History

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