Saturday, June 08, 2013

Ancient History, Week 29

Ancient China - The First Emperor & the Han Dynasty

I have to chuckle at Tessa. She falls head-over-heels in love with one great ancient civilization and then the next. Just when I thought there was no way to douse the flames of her infatuation with Ancient Greece, they dissipated and then flared again for Ancient China. She has created and played with paper dragons, lions and lanterns for the past two weeks, pretending it to be Chinese New Year. From notebook to sidewalk to random scrap of paper, calligraphic numbers dot every possible surface. The sponge that she is absorbed all that was available of the first emperor, Great Wall, terracotta army, Silk Road, Chinese tales and myths. As I busied myself with those menial tasks that all parents must do, I stepped in drips and small puddles of new-found knowledge that pooled around the house. I suspect I'll continue to do so until our road ends in Ancient Rome.





I didn't pre-read Stories From The Silk Road, so I didn't realize how good of a book it is and how well it fits with The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History before reading it to Tessa. I had planned to read only a couple of random stories from it, but Tessa wants me to read all of them. The stories are in order of how the Silk Road was traveled. The book also provides historical information for the major stops along the way. There is a corresponding story for each stop. Next week, we will start from the beginning.

Other Books of Interest

* HO = History Odyssey

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