Saturday, June 08, 2013

Sylvan Math Flashcards...Perfect for Singapore Math!

It's been a very long time since I have posted anything about Singapore Math. We have just one more week before we complete Singapore Math 1B.

While wandering around Barnes & Noble a couple of weekends ago trying to decide what to spend my $5 Kids' Club rewards coupon on, I came across Sylvan Math Flashcards. I couldn't believe it. Months ago, I had scoured the internet for horizontal addition and subtraction flashcards. The few that I found were not quite right or hard to come by. Sylvan 1st Grade Math Flashcards are a perfect complement to Singapore Math 1A/1B. The addition and subtraction cards are written horizontally and go up to 20. Addition is on one side, subtraction on the other. The 240 cards also feature numbers 30 to 100, place value for ones and tens, number patterns including number lines and skip counting, number comparison, shapes, symmetry, telling time, and money. The only drawback is that the cards are pretty flimsy compared to others. They are a very lightweight card stock (more likely, a heavyweight paper as apposed to a true card stock). As long as a parent is doing the flashing, that shouldn't be too much of a problem. I won't be letting Tessa have free reign of them, though.

If you're looking for horizontal flash cards for Singapore Math 1A/1B...these are them!

Sylvan 1st Grade Math Flashcards

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