Monday, July 16, 2012

Atelier Art, Level 1 - Supply List

So glad I decided to type this out. What a list! Luckily, I think we already have most of the required items. I hope to collect the rest during the current back-to-school sales.

I had been toying with the idea of adding additional drawing curriculum, but now that I have taken a little closer look at Atelier's lessons, I think it should be mooooorrrre than enough art for Tessa this coming year. She'll have plenty of opportunities for crafts, hands-on 
activities and experiments during history and science as well.


Module A

1 - Caterpillar: Line - Warm-up paper, 12" x 18" white paper, and fine-point black drawing pens.

Lesson 2 - Picasso Hands and Flowers: Color -
 Warm-up paper, paper plates, tempera paints (red, yellow, blue), brushes, sponges, water in cans, 12" x 18" white paper, black marking pens, and a bouquet of flowers.

Lesson 3 - Animal Textures: Texture -
12" x 18" colored paper, different textured fabrics cut into oval shapes, rectangles of colored construction paper (white, black, yellow, brown), scissors, glue, and black marking pens.

Lesson 4 - Clowns: Pattern -
 Motivational: Clown figures, small statues, clown pictures, and samples of patterned fabrics. Lesson: Warm-up paper, 12" x 18" white paper, fine-tipped black marking pens, and colored marking pens.

Lesson 5 - Two Cats and a Dog: Shape -
12" x 18" white paper, 8-1/2" x 11" white paper, colored construction paper (one brown piece per student for the dog and a selection of colors for the cats), red-and-white fabric with a print for the dog's bandanna (cut into triangles before the lesson), scissors, and glue.

Lesson 6 - My Family: Media -
Part 1: Potatoes (a variety of sizes cut in half lengthwise), tempera paints (brown, peach), brushes, sponges, water in containers, and 12" x 18" white paper. Part 2: The potato prints from Part 1 and oil crayons.

Module B

Lesson 1 - The Cat in the Hat: Drawing -
12" x 24" drawing paper (cut an 18" x 24" paper by 2/3). Drawing: Fine-tipped black marking pens. Coloring: Oil crayons, and crayons or marking pens.

Lesson 2 - The Queen of Hearts: Drawing -
 Motivational: Costumes for acting out The Queen of Hearts. You will need a costume for the Queen, the King and the Knave. Put felt hearts on the costumes. Create a plate of tarts out of paper or use real ones. Other: A book of nursery rhymes, practice paper, pencil, colored marking pens, and an action strip. This is a 6" x 18" piece of paper that has been folded in half twice to make creases that mark off four equal sections of the strip.

Lesson 3 - The Four Seasons: Media -
Tempera paints (red, yellow, blue, white, black), pencils, 12" x 18" black paper, colored construction paper measuring 5-1/2" x 8" (royal blue, light blue, yellow, black), paper plates (one for black tempera paint to be shared by a group of students, and one with red, yellow, blue and white for each individual student), a damp sponge and folded paper towel for each student, and white glue. If you choose to do each season as a separate lesson, use 9" x 12" paper.

Lesson 4 - Starry Night: Artist Appreciation -
 Warm-up paper, 12" x 18" royal blue or dark blue paper, small scraps of colored construction paper (violet, black, light blue), 6" x 9" black paper (one per student), oil crayons, scissors, and glue. A reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry Night.

Lesson 5 - Zoo Animals: Media -
 Part 1: 12" x 18" black paper, a pencil or yellow chalk, white glue (must be clog-free), plastic and/or wooden models of zoo animals. Part 2: The finished and dried zoo animal drawings from Part 1, colored chalk in flat containers, damp sponges for fingertips, plastic and/or wooden models of zoo animals.

Lesson 6 - Masks: Cultural Appreciation -
 Preparation: A single-hole punch, and heavy oval-shaped paper plates. Other: White glue, liquid starch in flat containers, brushes, a collection of material for decorating masks (wrapping paper, colored tissue, colored construction paper, heavy yarn, ribbons, colored pipe cleaners, feathers, etc.). Optional: 1/4" dowels (8" to 12" long) may be pushed through a hole by the chin and taped onto the back of the mask. This provides a way for students to hold the masks up to their faces.

Module C

Lesson 1 - Butterfly and Cocoon: Media -
 Part 1: 12" x 18" white paper, 6" x 9" white paper folded in half with half of a butterfly drawn on it, 4" x 5" white paper (2 per student), scratch paper, paper plates, tempera paints (red, yellow and blue on one plate for each student, and brown on a separate plate for students to share), water in cans, sponges in containers, brushes, scissors, white glue, English cucumber sliced into 1" pieces, and black marking pens (optional). Motivational: The book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Part 2: Completed leafy paintings for background, butterfly print, cocoon print, caterpillar print, scissors, paste or glue, and black marking pens.

Lesson 2 - Old King Cole: Drawing -
 Part 1: 12" x 18" white paper, medium-sized potatoes cut in half lengthwise, skin-toned tempera paints, brushes, sponge, and water. Part 2: Fine-tipped black marking pens, oil crayons or colored marking pens, and the dry potato print.

Lesson 3 - Little Bear in a Big Chair: Drawing -
 Motivational: Teddy bears of all sizes in chairs of all sizes, and the book, Where's My Teddy? by Jez Alborough. Other: Warm-up paper, 12" x 18" white paper, fine-tipped black marking pens, colored chalk, liquid starch in flat containers, and damp sponges for fingertips.

Lesson 4 - The Happy Little House: Self-Expression -
 Warm-up paper, 18" x 24" white paper (spring, summer, autumn), 18" x 24" light blue paper (winter), tempera paints (red, yellow, blue, white, black), paper plates, sponges in containers, and brushes.

Lesson 5 - Georgia O'Keeffe: Artist Appreciation -
Fresh flowers (one per student), 12" x 12" white paper, watercolor pans, crayons, water, brushes, and sponges.

Lesson 6 - Do You Like My Hat?: Media -
 Part 1: Medium-sized brown paper bags, brightly colored tempera paints on a paper plate, brushes, sponges, and water. Part 2: Ribbon, yarn, fringe, tassels, feathers, rickrack, silk flowers, fancy pipe cleaners, and white glue. Motivational: The book, Go, Dog, Go! by P. D. Eastman.

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