Friday, June 28, 2013

Ancient History, Week 31

Ancient India

When I think of India, I think Hinduism. When I think of China, I think Buddhism. So, I found it interesting that the majority of the books I was able to unearth (and those recommended in our curriculum) for Ancient India revolve around Buddhism. Surely, there are more Hindu picture books out there that I missed. Ah, well. I have to keep reminding myself that history during the grammar years is really about dipping toes and creating pegs to build future knowledge upon. Maybe I'll search our library's catalog by Hindu god, see what I can churn up for bedtime reading.

  • Read Usborne: Ancient World by Fiona Chandler (pages 70-71).
  • Completed HO map work for Lesson 27, Main Lesson.

Buddha by Demi is a good alternative to the title above. Since both are quite lengthy and pretty much cover the same material, I chose to read only one. Although I'm a big fan of Demi, I felt the colorful illustrations and the more casual flow of text in Rockwell's version was more engaging.


How Ganesh Got His Elephant Head has a nice line art picture of the cover illustration at the back of the book that you can photocopy for your child to color. Tessa really liked that.


Other Books of Interest
Darn it! I knew there were more Hindu stories. Just needed to be a bit more strategic in searching our library's catalog.

* HO = History Odyssey

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