Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ancient History, Week 32

Ancient Americas

Although there isn't a lot of information about the earliest people who lived in the ancient Americas, Tessa greatly enjoyed the little there was. She was totally enthralled by the Nazca Lines, giant stone heads of the Olmecs and the discovery of Machu Picchu.

  • Read Usborne: Ancient World by Fiona Chandler (pages 72-73).
  • Completed HO map work for Lesson 28, Main Lesson (North America part only).
  • Completed draw and color.

Seven Wonders of Ancient Central and South America also has chapters on Machu Picchu, Tikal and more.

I really liked Rain Player because it included so many tidbits of Ancient Mayan culture...tidbits that Tessa had already learned from other resources. Reading it last was a nice way to tie everything together.

    * HO = History Odyssey

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