Monday, August 15, 2016

Fourth Grade 2016 - Age 9

Fourth grade is feeling a bit *weird* to me. In the past, I've felt each grade to be an exciting new page in the book of Tessa. This year feels more like we've started a new paragraph on last year's page. I can't quite pinpoint why. Maybe it's our curriculum. Maybe it's Tessa's age. Maybe we've hit some sort of homeschooling plateau. Maybe it's the gloomy skies. Maybe it's simply the nature of fourth grade. Whatever the reason, the plan is pretty simple this year...relax, march on, and enjoy.

Tessa's Third Grade 2015 - Age 8 pic. - Look how much her hair has grown!

Tessa's first day of fourth grade!
Tessa's first day of fourth grade!

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