Friday, March 22, 2013

Atelier Art, Level 1 - Module B, Lesson 1

The Cat in the Hat

Has it really been two months since we've done art?!! It sure doesn't feel like and history keep us feeling plenty crafty.

"The Cat in the Hat" is a lesson on drawing. Tessa used a black marker to outline The Cat in the Hat and then shaded him in with MetKids 24 Crayon Brights, which feel a lot like oil pastels. The lesson called for crayons, markers or oil pastels.

This lesson was a bit tricky due to the large size of the 12" x 24" sheet of white paper that was required. A child-sized art table would have come in handy, as Tessa had a hard time getting into a good drawing position. She kept trying to draw smaller than instructed (note The Cat's teeny tie) and her lines tended to tilt, so we had to talk through each step beforehand. She still made a few mistakes, but I helped her figure out how to patch them up. Overall, not our best art day, but we got through it.

Using plush The Cat in the Hat dolls as guides, Tessa first outlined her Cat.

Then, she shaded him in with black and red crayons.

Tessa's completed The Cat in the Hat.

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