Friday, January 18, 2013

Ancient History, Week 12

European Monuments - Stonehenge

History was refreshingly short and sweet this week. Apparently, there aren't many early elementary resources for Stonehenge and the other stone circles of ancient Europe. The highlight of the week was when Tessa made the connection between Stonehenge and the stone circle featured in Disney's newest princess movie Brave.

  • Looked up and defined HO dictionary word for Lesson 9, Main Lesson.
  • Read Usborne: Ancient World by Fiona Chandler (pages 18-19).
  • Completed corresponding Blue House School ancient world worksheets.

Other Resources of Interest

* HO = History Odyssey


  1. Re: Stonehenge - I don't know if there's anything at all suitable here?

    1. Oh, wow. This is great!! I'm going to add it to my "Other Resources of Interest" above. Thanks so much for sharing. I totally flaked on this one. I should have realized with Stonehenge being such a tourist attraction, there would surely be educational materials for it.