Thursday, February 20, 2014

...3 Cheers for Animals! - Session 10 & The Final Celebration

It's Your Story - Tell It!: A Leadership Journey
Girl Scout Daisies

Session 10 and The Final Celebration relies heavily on team activities, so I created gift bags with fun things the girls could do at home. The bags also contained their final two ...3 Cheers for Animals! badges.

Download ...3 Cheers for Animals! - Session 10 & The Final Celebration handout.

Session 10 & The Final Celebration - Many Skills to Learn & Celebrate Our Learning!

Story Time:
“Mari’s Story,” pages 54-63 from “How To Guide
“Back in the Garden,” pages 64-71 from “How To Guide
  • Read “Mari’s Story” and the accompanying profiles (pages 54-63), plus “Back in the Garden” (pages 64-71) from the girls’ book.

Care for Animals:
Make a Recycled Bird Feeder
I provided each Journey girl with a recycled bottle with pre-cut holes, prepared lid, string, wooden spoons, stickers from the dollar store and bird seed.

Tessa's completed recycled Backyard Bird Feeder before we filled it with bird seed and put it outside. Our American Goldfinch seem to really like it!

Celebrate Your Journey:
Craft an African Safari Beaded Necklace
  • Crafted African safari beaded necklace.
I provided each Journey girl with African-themed pony beads, plastic lace to thread them on and a color chart.

African Safari Beaded Necklace

Remember Your Journey:
“Red Robin” Plush
  • Dollar Tree had various Lil' Kinz for just a $1 each. One was a robin, so I bought each of our Journey girls one to remember the ...3 Cheers Journey by.

That's it, we did it! Our ...3 Cheers for Animals! Journey is officially complete. Thanks for following along.

Our somewhat complete "...3 Cheers for Animals!" mural. Occasionally, girls forgot pieces of the mural at home and there are still a few girls finishing up the Journey.

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Looking for more activities to complement the ...3 Cheers for Animals! Journey?

Check out my Girl Scout Law Ring Book - Pets Version - Girl Scout Daisies & Brownies printable scouting helper.

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